There are two main ways to connect with Wellspring:
as a Friend or as a Member.

Wildflowers, Kings Park, Western Australia Photo: AJS September 2018

Wildflowers, Kings Park, Western Australia
Photo: AJS September 2018

This article is a guide to ways of connecting with Wellspring as a Member.

Members of Wellspring Community make an annual commitment to live according to the Rule of the Community as fully as possible.

To become a Member of Wellspring Community, a Friend will

a) be familiar with the history, philosophy, and theology of Wellspring Community

b) be familiar with the Rule

c) have discussed the Rule with a mentor

d) have discussed with a mentor a commitment to faith, peace-making and justice

e) demonstrate that commitment through engagement with at least two of the Wellspring areas of Spirituality and Justice

f) complete a small project within one of the seven Wellspring areas of concern Spirituality and Justice

g) attend at a National Gathering or National Workshop (as available)

h) participate regularly with a cell group or make other regular connection in the case of a remote Friend in Formation

i) meet regularly with the mentor

j) propose to the mentor what the Friend will (continue to) bring to Wellspring Community.

  • A Friend who wishes to commence the Membership formation process will advise a Member of their intent. The Member will advise a member of Wellspring Community Council. The Council Member will ensure that request is discussed at a Wellspring Council meeting.

  • Wellspring Council will nominate a mentor for the Friend in Formation. Council may appoint a member of Council to coordinate or have oversight mentorships.

  • Depending on the Friend's background, the Formation period may include reading, writing, journaling, in areas such as the Spiritual Disciplines, the Gospel imperative of Justice, or other topics as suits the needs and interests of the person in keeping with the philosophy and theology of Wellspring Community.

  • The period of Formation will be one year. Council may vary the length of formation after receiving advice from the mentor. A Friend may commence formation at any time.

NB: The formation process seeks to strengthen Wellspring Community by ensuring that Members receive a solid and encompassing grounding in the ethos of Wellspring Community. This innovative process is in its early stages of development. It will be reviewed and amended from time to time as we receive feedback on its efficacy.

The Wellspring Community recognises that not all people - although in sympathy with its aims and ethos of the Community - will feel able to make these kind of commitments.  Another way of belonging is by being a Friend of the Community.