Queensland Wellspring people meeting at Coochiemudlo Island, Queensland. August 2018 Photo: Pipeline, September 2018

Queensland Wellspring people meeting at Coochiemudlo Island, Queensland. August 2018
Photo: Pipeline, September 2018

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Wellspring Community people in Brisbane and its outer suburbs are an open, eclectic mob of committed Christians. Meeting together and praying for each other are priorities for us!

We travel to and from the Gold Coast and from the northern reaches of our city to meet together (one to two hours, depending on mode of transport and traffic flows). We're mostly retired - with nursing, teaching, ministering, admin backgrounds. We're all still very active volunteers - in school, aged care visiting, courts, health, English language teaching, Fair Trade, spiritual direction. Our passions are diverse: gender justice, the environment, asylum seekers, op shop ministry, Fair Trade, Order of Jacobs Well (Healing Ministry), hospitality and reconciliation. Among us are enthusiastic film and theatre goers, music lovers, knowledge seekers (including U3A), quilters, walkers of the Camino, cyclists, readers and gardeners.

Outside Brisbane

Wellspring Community people outside Brisbane? Three people live on the Gold Coast, one lives in the Moreton Bay Shire (north side of Brisbane) and two in the Redland Bay Council area (east side of Brisbane). We have just one person in the Community who lives on a cattle property in the mid-north of the state with whom we share in prayer through the Community's very important Prayer Diary. We also communicate via phone and letter writing and deeply appreciate the too-occasional face to face time of hospitality! This one person enriches our world by helping us to remain mindful of all those who live in the rural area of our huge state and the significant issues they face, especially regarding climate change and mining.

Where we meet: We mostly meet in each other's homes, but we also meet at rallies and the theatre or cinema or at other planned community events.

When we meet: We plan to meet every second month for a meeting where we share a liturgy, food and prayer and focus on one person's particular passion. We also have a reasonably good communication network through which we let each other know of events that are of interest to us so that others can join us if they would like to do so - and they often do!

Contact Margaret Holm n_m_holm@internode.on.net

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