Every Monday members and friends of the Wellspring Community focus on our commitment to work for justice and peace. Prayer and politics belong together, as do confession and commitment to action. We remember that God's guidance, judgement and mercy can change situations and people.

We believe that:

  • The Gospel commands us to seek peace founded on justice;

  • costly reconciliation is at the heart of the Gospel;

  • work for justice, peace and an equitable society is a matter of extreme urgency;

  • God has given us partnership as stewards of creation and we have a responsibility to live in a right relationship with the whole of God's creation;

  • that, handled with integrity, creation can provide for the needs of all, but not for the greed which leads to injustice and inequality, and endangers life on earth;

  • everyone should have the quality and dignity of a full life requires adequate physical, social and political opportunity, without the oppression of poverty, injustice and fear;

  • social and political action leading to justice for all people and encouraged by prayer and discussion, is a vital work of the Church at all levels.

We seek to:

  • engage in forms of political witness and action, prayerfully and thoughtfully, to promote just and peaceful social, political and economic structures;

  • promote a policy of renunciation of all weapons of mass destruction in all nations of the world;

  • promote the United Nations Organisation as the principal means of international reconciliation and security, in place of military alliances;

  • support and promote research and education into non-violent ways of achieving justice, peace and a sustainable global society;

  • Work for reconciliation within and among nations by international sharing and exchange of experience and people, with particular concern for politically and economically oppressed nations;

(Adapted from the Iona Community statement on justice).

The Port, Esperance, Western Australia

The Port, Esperance, Western Australia


"The fight for justice will not be won overnight. It is a long hard struggle and those involved may not live to see the fruits of their labours, let alone the day when justice shall flow like a river and uprightness as a never ending stream. In the early seventies the opportunity for justice seemed to have dawned as many committed themselves to work for the poor and it seemed that substantial victories were won.
Today under the power of transnationals wealth and the military industrial complex, the possibility for justice seems as far removed as ever...While continuing to be involved in God's mission of justice in the world, the worshipping community finds strength for its messianic lifestyle as it comes before God with empty hands and broken hearts and rediscovers the crucified and risen Jesus in its midst. Strength is renewed and hope is rekindled in the presence of the One who suffered and died for his convictions and was raised for the liberation of the world."

Athol Gill - Life on the Road. Quoted by Anne McPherson in "Sustaining and sustainable spirituality in Australia today."

Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle, Western Australia


Readings and Prayer


Psalm 12 | Isaiah 42:1-9


"God in Christ you showed us
that you are not removed from us
but share in our agony and suffering.
You are the mother holding her child from the blast,
You are the tortured prisoners longing for release,
You are the war - weary soldier,
You are the scientist pacing the mid midnight hour,
You are the child with nuclear nightmares,
You know and suffer our human condition.
We know that nothing can separate us from your love.
We pray for your love to enfold us in comfort
Your love to share our agony
Your love to inspire us to love one another
Your love to live in hope."

From "Prayer for Hiroshima Day" in "The Pattern of our Days." p.148

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